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University Archives

(1885-Present) Collections documenting the journey of St. Edward’s University from its humble founding as a private Catholic school in 1885 to the world-renowned university it is today. These collections include the papers of university presidents, records of the College Assistance Migrants Program (CAMP), student newspapers and publications, theses and dissertations, photographs, audio-visual materials, and ephemera. Also included are records relating to Maryhill College, St. Edward’s High School, and the St. Edward’s Military Academy.

Wild Basin

(1961-Present) Founded in the 1970s by an intrepid group of seven women, the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve is a haven for several at-risk, threatened, and endangered species of wildlife, flora, and fauna. The story of this 227 acre slice of Texas Hill Country is captured in this collection of business records and educational resources that dates back to the grassroots efforts to establish the preserve and continues to the present day.

The Texas Craft Brewing Collections

(1990s-Present) These collections tell the story of craft brewing in Texas. Highlights include:

  • The Steve Anderson Papers (1990s-2015) A pioneer in the Austin craft brewing scene, Steve Anderson opened Waterloo Brewing, the first modern and legal brew pub in the city in 1993. He later served as brewmaster at Live Oak Brewing and would open Big Bend Brewing in 2012. Steve passed away in 2015.
  • The Texas Craft Breweries Ephemera Collection A kaleidoscope of promotional materials from over a hundred breweries from throughout the state of Texas. It includes items from many breweries which are now out of business in addition to the latest items from contemporary brewers.
  • Texas Craft Brewers Guild Records The TCBG is an organization that promotes Texas craft beer, educates the public about the qualities and attributes of craft beer, and advances the common interests of Texas craft brewers. The Guild has over 250 brewery members throughout Texas.
  • Brewing Books and Periodicals A collection of regional journalism focused on the craft brewing scene. This includes a nearly complete run of Southwest Brewing News and the Austin Beer Guide in addition to rare books on the trade.
  • Rabbit Hole Brewing Records (2013-2020) The Rabbit Hole Brewing Records contain invoices, photographs, and ephemera from the business’s years in operation in Justin, Texas.

Moreau Province Archives

This collection includes the papers of the Brothers of Holy Cross for the Southwest and Eastern Provinces, which has since been amalgamated into the Moreau Province.

Vatican City Postage Stamps

(1929-2010) A complete set of stamps issued by the Vatican City’s post office from its inception in 1929 through 2010. The majority of the stamps are in mint condition and the set includes several rare pieces.


(circa 1400s) These books contain chants sung by the cantor, congregation, and choir at mass.

The Art of the Holy Cross Brothers

During their downtime, many of the Brothers of the Holy Cross took on creative projects such as painting, sketching, or sculpting. This collection includes many pieces by Br. Hilarion Brezik, founder of the Art program at St. Edward’s University.

WWI Flour Sack Art

Donated by the Captain and Mrs. Albert Moulckers, this collection includes over two dozen flour sacks which were used as canvases for painters in Belgium when supply lines were closely guarded during World War One.

Monograph Collection

The Monograph Collection includes contemporary works and materials dating back to 1500. It largely consists of publications by the Congregation of the Holy Cross and its associates. Additional subjects covered in this collection include Texana, Catholicism, Thomas Bird Mosher, D.H. Lawrence, and Robert & Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

The Edward N. And Sharon Meyer Jazz Collection

Approximately 2,500 long-playing jazz records, many of which were produced prior to 1945, and supporting materials including bound volumes of jazz enthusiast magazines and journals, including Jazz Journal, Storyville, Coda, and Cadence.

The Benjamin Conroy Jazz Collection

(circa 1920s-1930s) 843 jazz recordings on 78 RPM records.