Alex Brezsnyak

Name: Alex Brezsnyak

Years at St. Edwards: 1966-1970

Major Area of Study: History and Education

Brezsnyak, Alex

Class of 1970

Alex Brezsnyak

Mr. Brezsnyak grew up in Brooklyn, New York and went to the same high school as President Martin. Brezsnyak always considered himself to be a history buff, but wasn’t sure what to do with his degree after school. One of his advisors recommended a dual degree in education. During his athletic career at St. Edward’s, he tried out for the basketball team, but initially did not make the team. However, by his senior year, he was made captain of the team! Brezsnyak made close connections with friends at the university, and is still in contact with them today.

Interviewer: Kathy Beth Stabenoa

Date of Interview: February 16, 2019

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University