Tony Blasi

Name: Tony Blasi

Years at St. Edwards: 1964-1968

Major Area of Study: History

Blasi, Tony

Class of 1968

Tony Blasi Interview

Interview Summary: Tony was greatly influenced by Brother Fabius Dunn, who wrote a history of St. Edward’s. Dunn was a pacifist, and encouraged Tony to join anti-war protests and demonstrations for farm worker’s rights. Blasi considers Dunn to be a polymath and taught him many things while at the university. In addition, he was a part of the “student brother” program at the university that would prepare students for the brotherhood. He went on to work for his P.hD. at Notre Dame and realized that he did not want to continue his path to become a brother. Instead, he went on to teach at St. Anselm’s College in New Hampshire. Blasi is a writer who focuses mainly on the topics of sociology and religion. His most recent book focuses on the sociology of the early Christian movement.

Interviewer: Catherine Alvarez

Date of Interview: February 23, 2018

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University