Andrea Garcia

Name: Andrea Garcia

Years at St. Edwards: [not recorded]

Major Area of Study: Political Science

Garcia, Andrea

Class of 2017

Andrea Garcia Interview

Interview Summary: Andrea was born in Ecuador but lived in New York for much of her life. After graduating high school, Andrea joined the air force and later worked as a contractor. She decided to go back to school after travelling to many different places, including South Korea and Germany. When visiting St. Edward’s, she appreciated the smaller classrooms and sense of community the university provided. Despite being a transfer student and older than many of the other students, Andrea was able to connect with her peers and even contribute to their learning. Andrea appreciates the opportunities the university has provided for veterans like herself. At the time of the interview, Andrea found out that she was accepted to a graduate program in International Affairs! 

Interviewer: Kathy Beth Stabenoa

Date of Interview: February 24, 2018

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University