Ed Leyden

Name: Ed Leyden

Years at St. Edwards: 1961-1964

Major Area of Study: [not given]

Leyden, Ed

Class of 1964

Ed Leyden Interview

Interview Summary: Ed came to St. Edward’s in 1961 as a student brother from the Midwest province. Ed describes how he was unable to even talk to any students outside the student brother program, unless it was related to a class! As a student brother, Ed followed a strict schedule and was not even allowed to take naps during the day, despite waking up at 5:30 every morning during the week. After high school, Ed was sent to Miami on a teaching assignment. In 2001 Ed joined the University Board of Trustees and remained a member until 2015.

Interviewer: Marissa Moses

Date of Interview: February 28, 2018

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University