Emmalou Linn

Name: Emma Lou Linn

Years at St. Edwards: 1957-1959

Major Area of Study: unknown

Linn, Emma Lou


Emma Lou Linn Interview

Interview Summary: Emma Lou has been in Austin for 48 years and started out at St. Edward’s as a grant writer. Though she originally did not intend to teach at St. Edward’s, she was asked on the spot to teach a class to police officers on abnormal psychology, and accepted the offer. She remembers how much the student body had changed over the years since the 1970’s. Emma Lou describes how the students, faculty, and mission statement of the university have all kept her teaching here for so long. Emma Lou was greatly involved in the preservation of Main Building and the preservation of many buildings around Austin. She has many fun and interesting stories to tell about St. Edward’s!

Interviewer: Lauri Crawford

Date of Interview: February 23, 2018

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University