Ev Lunning

Name: Ev Lunning

Years at St. Edwards: 1991-2016

Major Area of Study: Business Management

Lunning, Ev


Ev Lunning Interview

Interview Summary: Ev was involved in theatre prior to coming to St. Edward’s. He first became involved at St. Edward’s when he auditioned for a play at the Mary Moody Theatre. During his time at St. Edward’s, he taught numerous classes, including ones related to voice and diction and greatly enjoys the study of singing. Along with teaching, Ev served as the area coordinator for the theatre department and eventually went on to become the artistic director. During the time of the interview, Ev was working on a new book and has been exploring the history of the theatre department here on campus.

Interviewer: Lucy Perez

Date of Interview: February 23, 2018

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University