Carlos Patterson

Name: Patterson, Carlos

Years at St. Edwards: 1964-1968

Major Area of Study: Science

Patterson, Carlos

Class of 1968

Patterson, Carlos Interview

Interview Summary: Carlos was born in Panama City, Panama. While at St. Edward’s, Carlos was a photographer for the campus yearbook and newspaper. Most of his images can be found in the 1965 yearbook! In addition, Carlos and his roommate John were involved in the creation of the campus radio station, KSEU. Eventually, this project evolved into the Campus Capers, a schoolwide talent show. Though he lives in Sacramento, Carlos has come back to the Hilltop and was surprised by how much St. Edward’s has grown and changed.

Interviewer: Rick Ibara

Date of Interview: February 24, 2018

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University