Roberto Trevino

Name: Trevino, Roberto “Bobby”

Years at St. Edwards: [unknown]

Major Area of Study: [unknown]

Trevino, Roberto

Class of 1968

Trevino, Roberto Interview

Interview Summary: Roberto’s parents immigrated from Mexico and he was born in Corpus Christi. In elementary school, Robert was one of seven students who did not know English. However, through the patience of a nun teaching his class, within months he and his peers were able to catch up with the other students. Roberto still keeps in touch with these friends today! Through his hard work, Roberto earned a scholarship from St. Edward’s and was impressed with the hospitality the faculty provided when he visited campus. Though he initially had some reservations, Roberto made numerous connections at St. Edward’s through baseball and through those living in his freshman dorm. He felt that at St. Edward’s he and his peers were truly equal, despite having different backgrounds.

Interviewer: Marissa Moses

Date of Interview: February 23, 2018

Location of Interview: St. Edward’s University