Rebecca Donohue

Name: Rebecca Donohue

Years at St. Edwards: Class of 1970

Major Area of Study: English

Donohue, Rebecca

Class of 1970

Rebecca Donohue Interview

Interview Summary: Donohue grew up in a small, ethnically Slovak community in Arkansas. She was inspired to come to St. Edward’s because of her peers. In addition, she also did not want to go to an all girls school, despite being urged to by her father. She describes her favorite memory as the day she met her husband during her freshman year. Donohue became a teacher ten years after graduating from St. Edward’s and taught for 25 years. She admired many of her professors and used what she had learned at St. Edward’s by teaching others. 

Interviewer: Lucy Perez

Date of Interview: February 15, 2019

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University