Leonidas Lacayo

Name: Leonidas Lacayo

Years at St. Edwards: ?-2014

Major Area of Study: Business Administration

Lacayo, Leonidas

Class of 2014

Leonidas Lacayo

Interview Summary: Leonidas is originally from Nicaragua and was interested in St. Edward’s University after recruiters visited his high school. He fell in love with the university and was a member of a cohort of students from countries such as Nicaragua and Panama. Leonidas graduated in 2014 and was hired as an admissions counselor in order to give back to not only his hometown in Nicaragua, but also to the university. He emphasizes the importance of the Holy Cross values that form the mission statement of the university and feels that these principles completely changed his life.

Interviewer: Alison Rasp

Date of Interview: February 16, 2019

Location of Interview: Munday Library, St. Edward’s University