St. Edward’s Military Academy

     With the outbreak of World War II, private Catholic high schools across the nation converted into military academies that operated as training and research facilities for the National Guard. There was a profound demand for high school aged men to receive formal military training to aid in the war effort.To meet this demand, St. Edward’s High School proudly took part in this responsibility by transitioning into a military academy to educate and train cadets for when the time came to replenish the ranks of service. “Americans now realize, I believe, the folly of neglecting peacetime military training, and most probably will so provide against the state of unpreparedness with which we have entered every war in our history. St. Edward’s, with its exceptional possibilities and contacts, will be prepared to take a leading part in training men under the National Training Program.”[1]  From 1943 to 1946, Cadets at St. Edward’s Military Academy were transformed into educated and competent leaders, by instilling formal military discipline, training them in modern warfare, and having them strive for academic excellence. During their time at St. Edward's, cadets gained extensive training that helped augment the depleted manpower of the Texas State Guard and became a valuable asset to them for the duration of the war.